Outside The Nest

'Outside The Nest' is an communicate app, design to make parent's life easier and help them supervise their children.

With 'Outside The Nest' you can communicate with them via text messages, send images, make phone calls and video calls throw internet communications apps such as WhatsApp or Skype.

'Outside the nest' will show you where your family member are so you can be sure they OK. This way you'll know your children at school or at a friend's home, you'll know when your husband done work and on his way home, you'll know where your family member when you can't reach him. another thing you can do with Outside The Nest' is define districted areas t some of your contacts. By defining districted areas you'll be notificated if this contact is in these areas, this way you can be sure that he safe.

In addition to geographic location and communication options, you  can catch up with their activities on social media. By setting up social networking contact you can see their posts, tweets and statuses.

'Outside The nest' has a  schedule planner  within a calendar so you can set your daddies  meeting and plans and get a reminder before it happens. You can sync your calendar with google account .